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ok, party done with...

yay. I'm a bit tired, but it seems the webcam has worked- mission accomplished, it was a transcontinental party... It was weird, in the sense that usually a party with that *scope* of attendance requires it to be much bigger, but we had all the elements of a really great party, just not the numbers. There was a little bit of every personality in attendance.

I'm glad it didn't end in a sex pile, actually, it's so scary because I'm totally moving into my "not interested in sex" phase. It's early this year- usually its october through november. I'll lose my tenuous reputation as a slut, at this rate. Bah. For a dominant, I spend an inordinate time waiting on other people and double checking everyone's OK and chauffeuring etc.

G. was praising me on my last minute skills- I do sort of "take control" at the last minute and get all the gears meshing and food and beer and all. I ordered sushi, which worked out well, and cooked chilli and baked rigatoni parmesan, and had the usual fruit and tortilla chips and dip etc. There was too much beer, since we had about seven fewer people than I planned for, and if this were the *sluts*, well, the beer would have been drunk. K. appreciated the Hoegarden, and I drank Old Peculier, Spaten Oktoberfest, a snakebite and black of Bass and Magner's, and bootpunk's Champagne (!), and a little of the cranberry white merlot wine. I really need to go on a bender, but I'm either doing this hosting thing or driving or need to keep in control for some reason.

November. I'll get blitzed in the Turtle in November.

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