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in all i read till the day was gone
and i sat in regret in all the things i've done
for all that i've blessed and all that i've wronged

-Audioslave, Like a Stone.

At least it has eased up on the snowing thing. In lightweight dress shoes, it's somewhat inconvenient to have to dig out your car.

Rumor has it that half of the office that my company now occupies will be returned to the landlord for reallocation. We occupy two units out of a five unit development. We've lost *that* many people. That will cut the rent significantly going forward. We're in deep preservation mode.

One of my valued co-workers, whose last day was yesterday, is departing for a job in Tennessee, not to one of our competitiors. He is also in the process of breaking up with another one of my co-workers, who has been his domestic partner for about four or five years. She's getting custody of the house and dogs.

It's quieter in my head, now, too. But my stomach hurts like hell. I'm dizzy again too, and I didn't have much dairy at all, either. What the hell is wrong with me?

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