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fucked up key

Back in Chicago.

I'm going to be here over the weekend of the 20th, hopefully to do a little photography expedition. also, hopefully, it will not be nearly as cold as is is right now. The cold is biting. It's 23F, though, which isn't impossibly cold relative to what it's been, but there's a light bits of snow falling. Humidity of 63% and the wind chill makes it feel like 10F.

I'm feeling very ill after a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I had to call Hertz to arrange a new car because the driver's side door is all messed up and at least one of the keys is horribly bent. The boot is also messed up- they seem to have let ice melt and refreeze on the lip of the boot door and it has to be given a good slam to close at all.

this project, is, not, going, well. I'm really dizzy on top of that. I slept okay, with some very strange dreams that I don't remember and had a really hard time waking up.

but, thanks to LL the hotel in amsterdam is arranged, putting the final piece in place for my vacation. Focus on the thing to come.

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