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[rant] die, motherfucker die, motherfucker diiiiiie! - The year was 2081 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[rant] die, motherfucker die, motherfucker diiiiiie! [Feb. 21st, 2003|12:00 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]


Good riddance. When they started, it was all about the fool hats and turning the stodgy investment houses on their ear. Click the link through to their investment newsletter- they're in ties, and the fool hat is relegated to a trademark icon. I think there's an excellent piece of advice here. Sell out already, or shut the fuck up. Considering that their fortune in their "real money" portfolios is almost entirely due to extremely lucky market timing on AOL, I think the fact that they've managed to wangle their so-called "20%" return since '94 is a hugely misleading piece of nonsense. Yes, we're "still making money hand over fist", but it's now all "in the secret newsletters instead of freely available on the internet". Five years ago, they were heralding an age where if I could only make a better return than the measly "12%" historical return of the S&P, I could retire rich. Now, I've done fine for myself, and have always assumed a more reasonable 7-8% as my goal. Pity the poor sucker who built his castle on a future predicted to be 12, or 15, or 20%. Millions of stupid doley scum lost a collective fortune on iomega stock less than a decade ago over these wankers. I'm one of very few people who followed their writings who took the true gem of their advice, buried deep and in small print: "Dont follow us".

And off the topic of finance, how about all you lazy fuckers get off your ass and start producing to the level of "from each according to your abilities"? If you're so smart, for your ideas on whether or not to spend tax dollars on a smart bomb, a love bomb, or just getting bombed, run for fucking office. Yes indeed, sell out already, or shut the fuck up. If you're so ready to be a sheep for whatever cause seems to float your parade, act like a fucking sheep already and prepare to get sheared. Don't piss and moan about how you're govenment is watching you, violating your rights, mucking up the world with dreams of conquest. If you don't like the government, move to fucking Mars. That's what your great granddaddy did. You'll be a fucking hero. You'll be using your brain and your resolve to survive and be free, for a change. There is no freedon in govenment. Afraid that a jury rigged space capsule will cause your eyes to total recall boggle out and your scream to be silenced in the blackness? Welcome to four hundred fucking years ago. Ah, the good old days, when fuckers like you would be roasting on an aboriginal spit, or twisting on a inquisitive rack.

There are no frontiers for a middle class afraid to be poor. Your highest aspiration is moving into a decent school district for your future drones. Your dreams are lost, you ship has been pirated by the wanderlust of buccaneers like myself, and you cry to your king about treasures lost. I threw them overboard just for the hell of it, you know. I was depressed, and the shiny glitter as they sunk gave me a brief moment of joy.

I know you lot. You're smart, typically fairly well schooled, well read. Yet, for the love of a new day you can barely get yourself out of bed. And you know, deep down, all this ranting is about me: I've worked very hard and accomplished a lot and done more than my share of the work around here. and you know what my reward is? I'm fucking depressed because I'm on a bit of a downturn. Which for me, means I'm only putting in fifty-five hours of work a week, on my job and on my goals and plans. I'm mad at myself because no matter how hard I might yell at myself to gomer pyle one more pushup, the arms and legs have given out and I'm face down in the mud drowning. No one's going to pull my face out. there's no homecoming parade. stupid inanimate carbon rod. Go ahead- get yourself trampled at a sheep-gathering on a school night- there's a long parade of mourners for you. For me, there's only the solace of the silent sea, and a star to guide myself by.

This sadness, is it because I am finally happy? Have I finally learned how to reign in hell?

From: hauntedskipper
2003-02-21 05:21 pm (UTC)
This is exactly why I take the Taoist route when it comes to big buisness and government, and not worry about things you can't change. I've always had that approach, even before I knew what a Taoist was. And for thirty years now the world just keeps spinning and the meddlers of days past are gone and new meddlers have crept in and now they've gone too. And so on, and so on, it will continue.
Now we have a president that "WE" didn't elect. In fact, we have a president that the electorial college didn't even elect (because if they all do not show up and cast a ballot, it is not a legal count). He's starting a war that no one wants, supports, or even understands. And opposingly, there are plenty of go getters already out there protesting to no avail. So what will be all of our collective fates? Will we go to war? Will it make a difference? Who knows.

I do believe that it won't be a concern five years from now. So, why worry about it today? Could "my" will change the intent of the president, anyway? Not at all. And if we all die tomorrow, we indeed will all die. In truth, what is so scary about death? It certainly couldn't be as stressful or bothersome as worrying about politics or gross margin reports. I imagine that it would be a blessing for most high strung Americans. A chance to rest. I, for one, am not afraid of death for the same reason I don't worry about big buisness and government. It's going to happen regardless of my diet, regardless if I smoke, regardless if I belong to the gym, or have a tan, or can balance a hot dog on my nose. Now you can change all of those things to improve your quality of "LIFE" but nothing will stop death. Nothing.
And it works. Death is good. It's natural. Just like enjoying a sunset, or the view of a majestic mountain range, I believe I will enjoy death when it comes. In whatever form it chooses. Because once the initial shock (bullet hole ripping through you, first six layers of skin being burned off, or worse) is over, what's there to worry about? It would take a belief in hell to fear such a thing, and I don't. In fact, I find the notion of it just as silly as stories of Loup Garoup. It's a social cautionary tale to keep individuals in line. The same tactic the government is using right now to keep Americans afraid and dependant on the "Great Leader" and his army of minions. Poppycock. And they don't understand why we're not buying it. They don't understand because they're not listening and/or because it doesn't fir their agenda.

In example, the Taoist writer Chuang-tse wrote:
The officer of Prayer went to the pigpen in his official robes and spoke to the pigs. "Why should you complain?" he asked. "I will feed you grain for three months. Then I will fast for ten days- while you eat- and keep watch over you for three days after that. Then I will spread fresh mats qnd place you on the carved sacrificial stand, before dispatching you to the spirit world. Concidering all that I will be doing for you, why should you feel uneasy?"
If the official had been truly concerned with the welfare of the pigs, he would have fed them bran and chaff and left them alone. But he looked at the situation from the point of view of his own prestige. He preferred to enjoy the robes and cap of his priveleged office, and to ride about in an ornamented carriage- knowing that when he dies, he would be carried in splendor to his grave, a magnificent canopy spread above his coffin. If he had been concerned with the welfare of the pigs, he would not have concidered these things to be important.

So, none of this is new. It's all been done before and will be done in the future. Because, despite all of our our silly technological advances, humans are dumb, blind creatures. Very few ever stop, look around, and learn from the mistakes of themselves and generations past. They're too conerned and caught up in the "NOW". And things of the like will continue, so on, and so on. Let it all pass and be happy that it does.
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