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okay, I'm feeling a little picked on.

it's been one of those weeks, where you just feel picked to bits. I spent most of yesterday cleaning up a document where my client, instead of using "Track Changes", just types the replacement word, phrase or line directly after mine. I had to compare docs and then systematically clean the entire document of doubles. Even "compare document" gave up half way, reporting my version was deleted and hers was added in bulk. and then she has the nerve to say, "since you're not busy, go clean it up" with a smiley. A smiley? Clients... cant make a decent living with em, can't shoot em.
Then, after a good time was had by *most* at the parade, someone who went but not with our group complained that (OMG!) there were naked people in a mermaid parade! How shocking! yeah, take it out on me. Oh, horrors, your nine year old saw a pierced nipple. what do you want me to do about it? You don't follow my recommendation or go with my group, go into a bad neighborhood with an overcrowded beach to a parade which is run by a group that does burlesque, and then bitch me out for suggesting she go? and then, take her little kid too?
Then, someone I consider my best friend bitches me out because I took down a huge quantity of his pics from a vanity website I host for him because I was getting huge bandwidth overcharges. Yells at me! for doing him a favor at no cost to him!
people suck. I hate all people, and I'm reminded why I never, never, never should do anyone a favor, because all people suck. And not well, or often enough, where it counts.

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