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mermaid parade this weekend

went to the Coney Island Mermaid day parade this weekend: Lots of fun, lots of great street performances. There is, of course, the topless factor, which is lots of fun. Nonetheless, there were lots of other things that I liked about it: here's a parade that is not tied to any holiday, religious or otherwise, means nothing to pagans or any other group or religion, is just done for fun, and there's nothing really political about it. Sure, there were some local politicians out shaking hands, but you're not in the parade to pretend you're a buddy to the constituency, like gay and lesbian parades. Other great moments included the tons of great little trinkets and prizes they were liberally sprinkling the people with, and some of the outfits- like this little kid in a campbells soup can labelled "mermaid soup" and her, decked out as a mermaid, sticking her tongue out at everyone and generally acting 10 yrs old. I was "leading" a group of NYC goths out to this, and we really didn't have a great turnout, but I think I've staked my reputation out well as someone who's willing to get people together and do things for fun.

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