matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

the Cornell dream again

so we went out for sushi tonight, and i feel a lot better. But I took a nap this afternoon, and had the cornell dream again. It's still bothering me, I guess, and it's strong because I'm working a project that is more important than what I do for a living now. Cornell represents the part of my life where I took the 180 degree turn on my path. My flight tomorrow was rebooked later in the day and I have more time to prep, but I'm all jittery because of this. Part of me says what the hell am I doing, and part of me says I've done enough for the world, I don't need to accomplish more. inside is my dream...

so I was back at Cornell again. This is clearly becoming one of the most fucked up icons in my universe prime, the world I dream in. North Hill has been split at the north gorge and expanded, adding almost a mile of new buildings. There's now a twisty san fransisco type layout between the uni and the town. The whole gothic belltower and chapel has been enhanced and gone massively more gothic. The chem building has been sucked into physics with twice as many stairs.
But strangest of all is south hill, where I used to live. It's become this sort of twisty maze, reminiscient of the roads between stonehenge and avebury. I didn't make it there today, I had a dream a couple weeks ago that fleshed that area out. Universe prime is a condensed version of the real world, topographically incorrect but more sensible to me in dreams, and it is never suprising because once I go somewhere while there, I remember it that way. Clive was a taxi driver, and he warned me that I couldn't go up to north hill because of the landslides. water, probably from the rain hitting my skylight over the bed, is a strong theme here. The new buildings are a lot like the medical center, but under construction. There's new fields of study waiting to move into all of them.
argument at a Hertz counter smack dab in the middle of campus, with bits coming from the fight at the pet store I went to friday. the having to go about, with lots of professor type people driving expensive cars about. I'm riding in Clive's vauxhall. we were coming from somewhere, this was the end but I was planning to go home, I rent a car instead? awake.

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