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Mabo Tofu

Dinner tonight: Mabo Tofu over rice. This was fairly good, maybe a little greasy. I used the House Mabo Sauce with ground dark-meat turkey and firm tofu. I inadvertantly puchased sticky rice the last time I bought rice, which I think contributed to the general greasy flavor. I'm going to have to think of good dishes to balance the sticky rice.

Made a trip back to Whole Foods today to pick up supplies for the rest of the week. I'm thinking of doing a ginger shrimp dish. I bought potatoes (and a leek) for mashed potatoes with filet of beef. I've never made mashed potatoes, so this should be an adventure. They had the rosemary bread, and picked up two different soft cheeses for this. I'm thinking a fondue would be really good- another dish I have never done.

Back to work tomorrow. This should be fun. In the meanwhile, Iron Chef Upsets marathon evening. LL had made tangerine mimosas to celebrate since I was asleep by ten last night. It's making me really hungry for lamb, even though I'm stuffed from dinner.

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