matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

eye am

image taken in near-infrared using Olympus C-4000 with Hoya R72 filter, 10 sec exposure

I'm developing a certain style and knowledge about the response of the camera to infrared. What I've learned will help immensely in taking good pictures in visible light as well. Today was a thorougly unproductive day, and even though I took hundreds of shots I really only have this one good clean image to report. I've left it open to public, instead of just the pictures group, so that people can have a look. I've also taken a new icon in the infrared, as seen here.

I'm going to have to wait until it gets a little warmer to seriously start taking photos, and I'm really dying to do figure studies, but I suppose that will have to wait on finding models willing to put up with my fumbling and willing to have potentially very good and/or very bad and/or very creepy pictures of themselves posted public. I either need a lot of sunlight or some decent tungsten lighting for doing serious portraiture and figure studies. I could also shade the lighing with infrared gels to limit glare and allow more comfortable facial expressions.

I'm also wondering about bondage shots in the infrared. I get some very strange color results- fabrics are often brightly white despite their actual color, and metal is usually fairly black, so it will be curious to see what I can evoke. If I can get enough illumination I should be able to take much faster exposures which won't have the soft blending effect seen in pictures like this one. It's not that eyelashes or eyebrows diappear but the minute shaking of my body while keeping still causes a certain degree of averaging. Veins are supposed to show up on people of fair skin, so I have to find some fair skinned masochists by summertime.

Lots to learn. I'm calming down a lot now. I've been very anxious to do something to "improve" things, but I'm trying to relax now and just let the future happen.

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