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a grand day out [Dec. 27th, 2002|04:27 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

so I spent the afternoon out of the house. Alas, no cheese, Gromit.

I decided to drive around a bit to see if there were any decent infrared shots to be had. I will post the results later to the photo friends. I thought that some views of Englewood Cliffs might be nice, and I got a few shots of I-80 from Jones Road, but they close the River Road during the winter, and all the rest stops on the Palisades were also markered off. I thought I might take a shot of the Alpine Bell Tower (link here) but I was not impressed, and it had been vandalized badly as well. I wound up in Piermont, where I took a few shots, and then I drove back to Whole Foods Market in Edgewater where I bought groceries and took a few more shots.

Home again. I did some clean up, and shoveled my parking space clear so that we don't slip on the ice. Load of laundry in the dryer as we speak. Zounds! I am out of breath. I'm going to have a vitamin water and shake off some of this lactic acid.

[User Picture]From: firsttiger
2002-12-30 08:01 am (UTC)
Thanks for mentioning Whole Foods Market. We'll be visting the one closest to us shortly, due to the fact that it appears that the produce section far outweighs what our local grocery store has to offer. One gets tired of rotted vegetables 2 days after they are bought.
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