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a grand day out

so I spent the afternoon out of the house. Alas, no cheese, Gromit.

I decided to drive around a bit to see if there were any decent infrared shots to be had. I will post the results later to the photo friends. I thought that some views of Englewood Cliffs might be nice, and I got a few shots of I-80 from Jones Road, but they close the River Road during the winter, and all the rest stops on the Palisades were also markered off. I thought I might take a shot of the Alpine Bell Tower (link here) but I was not impressed, and it had been vandalized badly as well. I wound up in Piermont, where I took a few shots, and then I drove back to Whole Foods Market in Edgewater where I bought groceries and took a few more shots.

Home again. I did some clean up, and shoveled my parking space clear so that we don't slip on the ice. Load of laundry in the dryer as we speak. Zounds! I am out of breath. I'm going to have a vitamin water and shake off some of this lactic acid.

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