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itinerary, and my reactions to faint praise... - The year was 2081 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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itinerary, and my reactions to faint praise... [Jun. 19th, 2001|08:52 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

well, I'm leaving for Lansing on sunday evening, returning on Friday morning.

it was an interesting challenge for me today, having had my work criticized. I'm clipping the rest- issues of consent, and all, if you have problems with that...
I managed to have a client call another customer of ours who is likely paying much more for our services, convince them (prolly in violation of their secrecy agreement) to send a copy to them of one of their documents produced by us, but by a different analyst. They criticized me for not including as many functions as the other document.

first of all, I could care less about their opinion. I believe this customer intends to screw us to the best of their ability, and placing myself in the position of being able to narrate the reaming I am about to take provides me with a certain glee. It's like, through careful setup of the players and the scenes, I can do a whole humiliation scene completely under my control and yet directed almost entirely at myself. Can you top yourself? Is it a 'scene', if the people involved haven't consented?

to what degree is consent important? I'm not doing a 'scene'- I'm doing my job, living my life, but being in control, manipulating. I'm not discussing what is illegal or unethical- I believe I'm well within those bounds. But safe or consensual?

I hate being on the edge, knowing this much. He who increases knowledge increases suffering.