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dinner tonight

getting back on the cooking kick. Tonight: Pan Seared Beef Fillet and Stirfry Vegetable Mix with Forbidden Rice.

Went to Whole Foods Market for groceries. They have the Cuisine Perel Blood Orange Vinegar there, along with a whole host of goodies such as Forbidden Rice, loose Oolong tea, Cheese, meats and fishes, and other fabulous things. It's a bit of a haul to shop in Edgewater but I think the extra hour round trip is worth it.

I *feel* better after having eaten my own cooking. I've been sick all week, more or less, and have been having problems with severe heartburn, but it isn't bothering me much this weekend. We bought some Acidopholus capsules as well, to see if that helps somewhat with the ongoing digestive and intestinal angst.

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