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california is insane [Jun. 5th, 2001|11:58 am]
I'm convinced that California is insane. They're bitching about $2.30/gal gas, rolling blackouts, and they happily proceed to trash their environment and go about life in the most wasteful and destructive way. I was wandering about del mar last night on foot for almost an hour- a few joggers but the reality of this place is that you can't walk *to* anywhere. They've planted such an awful mismatch of industry and residences. I walked by a gated community with a four-lane driveway in- for at most maybe 40-50 houses? Do you need to have a four lane driveway into a dead end? And the signage- "landscaping ahead"... "end of landscaping"- and there are such a bloom of wildfowers around and no one near to smell them because they've sprouted on a less-traveled cul de sac deadending under a *huge* flyover joining 5 and 56. And half the flyover is just dead concrete, terminating half way. Del mar proper is this cozy rich town, but the edges are, well, rough edges. I walked through what was obviously a "lower-income" community. You live in fucking paradise, how can you crap up your yard like that?
One could, with a little planning, eliminate most of the huge dependence on cars in this area, but alas, they love their gas guzzling sport utility vehicles. Even the car rental- I wanted a midsize car, they gave me a full size at *ahem* no extra cost. Except for the gas, that is.
Oh, and another thing... why does the awake star look like someone invisible is fucking them up the ass? *lol*. well, off to work.