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dinner tonight

rosemary roasted chicken with baby potatoes and steamed broccolini.

Quiet weekend. Accomplished no work, but I'm way ahead and am looking to deliver on time so no rush. Feeling under the weather, stayed in much of the weekend. Food shopping this morning, then a nice lunch of peanut butter and pink grapefruit marmalade sandwiches. Allergy season, lots of 12hr Sudafed. Spent a few moments with the president of the condo assocication discussing shrubbery. Found out the value of our place has doubled (!) since we bought in four years ago.

dinner tonight had with the Late Harvest 97 Riesling from Sand Castle. Despite the sweetness making it a dessert wine, I thought it paired well with the savory chicken, but perhaps brought out the alcohol a bit much (hic).

be seeing you!

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