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  • Received NJ SAVER rebate (yay)
  • dinner. Filets of Beef tonight, Yellow Chili with Chicken, Veal Sausage, and fresh Vegetables last night.
  • One habañero pepper is more than sufficient for four servings.
  • strangely, last night's meal was brainwashingly spicy, and yet no aftereffects.
  • furthermore, IBS was rather mild and didn't bother me all day.
  • One can each of Batchelor's Marrowfat Peas and Curried Beans is ideal beanage for Chili.
  • Computer geeks tend to make poor project managers.
  • Too tired to write real stuff.
  • Need to get detailed to-do list of tasks for Project Polaris at work.
  • Need new bed mattress.
  • Want Dairy Queen vanilla cone with cherry shell dip.
  • Reform Jewish coworker whining about Conservative Girlfriend's service being "too long". Funny, I like four hours of Hebrew.
  • Essay on difference between censorship and personal choice, difference between investigation and oppression, omitted for brevity.

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