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Continuing my obsession with unordered lists:
  • this has been a tiring, productive yet unproductive weekend.
  • I feel myself falling behind and making progress simultaneously on many fronts.
  • need to understand where all of this is taking me. Becuse I feel that to some extent, I'm not driving, but passengering.
  • I'm now past the point of striking out at people who deserve it despite my better judgement to keep quiet.
  • My unfettered anger at all things incomprehensible has caused great personal turmoil
  • need to apply myself diligently during this shortened work week.
  • I need to stop obsessing about Ayn Rand. I don't share her belief system.

I'm a very angry boy, on the whole. I'm angry at the lack of οντως όντα. I'm angry, and when I become angered, I don't simply talk about things, I do things.

I'm not buying into the excessive crybabyism of the people that surround me these days. Politically, you're no better or worse off than one or two years ago- you just think you are. If anything, we should be happier that it's all out in the open for a change.

My tolerance for people has dropped to an all time low- probably negative- which feeds into a painfully nasty vicious circle of divesting friends and getting more and more angry over smaller and smaller minutiae. The phone's quiet, the email has dropped to spam-only levels.

ah quiet. Why do I want quiet so much and yet hate it so?

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