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Images of San Francisco

All of the following pictures and more are available here. I have made a couple collections, including Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, Nature and Mankind Contrast at the Presidio Gun Emplacements, Pacific Sunset, and The 101 Freeway at Night. I took this entire series of shots between six and nine PM on the 21st.

The following table provides a brief excerpt the collections. The middle row of pictures, from Pacific Sunset, are linked to large images suitable/configured for desktop wallpaper.

Click thumbnail to see full size image
GGB09.jpg (58449 bytes) GGB13.jpg (44921 bytes) PRES01.jpg (74383 bytes) GGB02.jpg (42500 bytes)
PS04.jpg (47395 bytes) PS07.jpg (41526 bytes) PS19.jpg (63344 bytes) PS24.jpg (47662 bytes)
10101.jpg (57110 bytes) 10104.jpg (55740 bytes) 10110.jpg (53165 bytes) 10111.jpg (59795 bytes)

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