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it's midnite at home, but only nine here...

I guess here begins my travelogue: I'm finally in my hotel room, after a long direct flight to san diego. Full flight, coach, meal, drink voucher. A shot of crown royal makes the children a little more bearable, and I read Brill's and the Economist cover to cover.
Most people have no respect for the awesome view of the states.

planeside view was most spectacular. I've only been here once before, and I'm not inured to the change in climate over the last two hours of the trip. If you've spent all your life in London or NYC, you have no idea what a desert is, and the desert of arizona isn't even a big deal! You're flying over the plains states first, a mass of absolute flatness, and as if approaching the ring mountains of dune, hitting Denver means the great mass of the rockies just rise up out of nothing. I had my first taste of it about 6 years ago, and no matter how many times you see it, you cannot fail to be impressed with the absolute 90 degree angle of the terrain. It's as if the world is bent, right here, straight up to snow capped peaks. Further south, you pass beyond into desert- absolute, look-out-its-the-surface-of-the moon desert. There's life down there,though, and water scratches the surface like the veins on the back of a maple leaf.
I don't understand people who are unimpressed by the grand canyon. Amid the utter barren of the desert, the river cuts a deep gash in the surface, and you're flying up on this black shadow until the earth just drops out and the deep canyon stretches below. And that's from 35,000 ft.
More desert, and then the mountains that surround San Diego. Tonight, they are like a great wall holding back an onslaught of wispy cotton. The cloud cover is thick and unrelenting back to the mountains, where they are just not tall enough to summit. We're on approach, flying in low to the mountains, and the sun is already setting. As we land, the white clouds become a hellish storm of red and yellow descending through the refracting light, and then the battleships and subdivisions bustling below arrayed like the minions of hell. I hope it's not a bad omen. The weather is okay, it must have rained earlier, because everything is washed clean.
I'm here in Del Mar now, at the Hampton. The room overlooks a taco bell and the freeway. at least I've got a high speed link in the room, though they gouge my $10/day for the privilege. I'll bill it back.
I want pictures. I wish I had pictures of the flight, it was perfect, save the screaming children and the utter squishedness of coach. I slept a bit, probably about 20 minutes.
sleep now. I've emailed g., and I'll call her at work tomorrow. Unpack, and sleep, and a little tv.

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