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miscellany [Aug. 17th, 2002|02:59 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

  • signed off the mouse farm people for phase I. This represents my second project, between the spam people and the mouse farm, that I have executed system acceptance sucessfully this year.
  • going out tonight, for the first time since SS visited. Should be fun/tiring, perhaps I'll sleep on the plane
  • leave at 11:30 tomorrow for CA. I plan to do some writing while out there, should have a high speed connection. I'll be in Silicon Valley, after all.
  • got hairs cut. Very short now, for me. I'll take camera with me, perhaps upload photos.
  • need shower.
  • need to get scheduled. This is going to be a tight few weeks. CA this week, PA next week, MA the week after. More work pending.
  • need to get car inspected and windshield replaced. Not in that order, probably.
  • I've told my boss that I want more ORACLE work. THis should spur me to get certified faster.
  • need shower. Badly. Off to get wet. Care to join me? ☺