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written on the body [Jun. 15th, 2002|10:52 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Three hours of inking later, and I am the proud owner of a new tattoo!

Regino at Ink Stop Tattoo did an amazing job. He started by carefully cleaning up my design with a trace outline that I almost thought I loved more than the filled in design, and the first two sessions, abot the first hour and 45min, were spent inking the outline. All in all, after this I was like "well, that wasn't so bad" and decided to go ahead with the black portion.

WOW. I've never quite experienced something that turned me as primally flight-or-flight as when I walked out of the studio. My pupils shrunk up to tiny little dots and I could barely feel myself walking, I was so impossibly floaty. Complete primal this is what I need to do to get from point a to b. I think that's the closest I've ever seen "the person who I become when I sleep" come to the waking surface ever. Demanding, hair trigger hostility.

I'm incredibly happy with the design- as soon as I heal up and stop bleeding and sober up I'm sure I'll be able to get much better photos. In about a month, I plan to return to finish to the full color design. Give myself time to heal, to calm, and to get re-excited about the rush.

you will note that the inner thigh is not filled in with color- there was a bit of a difference of opinion as to whether it should be done in a lighter black shade, color, or left empty. I'm fairly certain I want to stick with my original design idea in previous posts, but I welcome comment and discussion.

off to bed, I think. I'm completely wrecked. Tomorrow, off to toronto. I have other news of a less fun nature I will probably post privately later but I'm not going to bring myself down just now. I'm really just happy and floaty and I think I deserve a little out of body time.


[User Picture]From: ladycat
2002-06-16 03:49 am (UTC)
Looks great! I'd leave it black and white if I were you, it's really striking.
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[User Picture]From: hbergeronx
2002-06-16 04:57 am (UTC)

i'm getting the sneaking suspicion

I might just do that.
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