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final design

All set. The black and white design is with the tattoo artist and I have an appointment next weekend to get the black portion done. I've edited the design a little more, and the artist will do some more touch ups on the black and white copy. I'm a little nervous and excited- the piece will be five inches on a side, between my shoulder blades.

This design has been in planning for one, maybe two years (update- 3yrs, since '99) now and I think I'm ready.

Been away from my laptop a lot doing validation work. This is interesting and I think it will serve to boost my career opportunities. Meanwhile, another one bites the dust at my office- the ranks are really thinning as our competitors sap our resources.

Reading "At Home in the World" by Joyce Maynard- I think it's not so much the kind of book that I would usually read but it is one I think that I'll want to have read. It's an interesting cautionary tale of a girl who wrote her memoir at age 18, and wound up shacking up with JD Salinger (who was three times her age) subsequently. It's interesting in the sense that she reminds me so much of other women i've encountered who seem to have it "all figured out" (onesoul,learning_curve) and seem to get "trapped by evil dominant/abusive men". I see her less as the victim but as the arrogant naif, pretending to have the answers and driving herself off a cliff in the process. I'd recommend it to them, if I thought I were being listened to.

I'm stepping back a bit from the LJ drama thing. I'm not going to pretend I don't play into the fact that this is a public forum and a private journal of my thoughts. I think I'm happy to have people read my inner thoughts, because (aside from maybe sex) I think that's where I'm most interesting. But I've been selectively dropping people, and at least with serpentfeuer since I know the identity of at least one of the people she's entwined with and needs anonymity for I think giving her some additional space is probably a good idea. I've added a new "stalker" (hello lacasdal! how did you come across me?) and perhaps that's a good idea- getting entangled with complete strangers who are just going to stay at that. Who knows. I need to be more open to things just as they come.

I still have this oracle test lingering over my head. I'm done with the reading and I've actually powered through Fundamentals I and Backup/Recovery as well, but I need some time to get refamiliar with SQL*plus. It's a truly crap editor, but if I'm ever going to call myself an oracle person I've got to reduce my dependence on notepad and vi. July. I'll have the initial inking on my tat done next weekend, then have the color added early august, and do my Oracle test in July.

I slept most of today and I'm still tired. This job (four straight weeks) is sapping my strength. Week after this one I'll be in Toronto. I think I'd like to take a long weekend vacation, maybe in September/October, to Las Vegas. We'll see what happens with the user group meeting, if I go to Seattle. If I'm still employed... ugh.

be seeing you!


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