matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

on missed opportunities

One of the most unfortunate moments in the democratic debate tonight for me was the question on nuclear terrorism. All of the candidates did the obligatory chest-thumping that they were expected to make. My first act as president, in the event of a nuclear strike on a big city, wouldn't be to say we need to "go after them and get them". It would be to make sure we have a plan in place to help evacuate, if necessary, and hopefully heal the city affected.

This was an excellent chance to show some vision, to stand up and challenge the Bush administration on their record with Katrina, for instance, and show how spending so much money on the conducting of war causes to lose attention on solving the challenges of the disaster at hand. The whole "nuclear bomb" is such a red herring- that Clinton even alluded to the mythical suitcase bomb is laughable. Furthermore, the more likely dirty bombs would be more an agent of fear than of actual mortality.

Of course, you're going to "go after them and get them". But, having a better plan of civics, of responsive care, is really the failure of vision that both parties have had these past few years. When terrorists strike, at worst they can hit, can kill, a few of us. We're a huge country. Making sure that we're all looking out for each other is our best defense.
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