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The article raises the question of how many chemists are employed… - The year was 2081 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 12th, 2007|08:14 am]
The article raises the question of how many chemists are employed in the drug industry. It’s hard to get a good read on that, but there’s a quote from the Bureau of Labor Statistic that the total number of chemists in the workforce went down from 140,000 to 116,000 over 2003-2006. That doubtless includes a lot of analytical chemists and researchers in other fields than pharmaceuticals, but it’s not a number than can be made to look good. I would think that the ACS would have more specific data, although I know that not all the readers here trust what the organization has to say about chemical employment.
-- from http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2007/12/12/medchem_layoffs_on_the_front_page.php

[User Picture]From: hbergeronx
2007-12-12 10:02 pm (UTC)


I didn't tag the post like that: my journal is set to pg-13 or whatever that crazy new permissions level, and it will under some circumstances auto-cut-tag everything I post for some people.
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[User Picture]From: el_christador
2007-12-12 10:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, having seen it in other posts on other journals I have come to the conclusion it is LJ doing it automatically.

When I log in and read they don't get put behind the LJ-cut like that. When I read anonymously (i.e. w/o logging in), they do, and I can't see what's behind the cut unless I first click on a button that verifies I am older than 14.
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