matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

I am home

Much to say. I will make periodic updates about my vacation to Whitby over the next few days, as I get photos fixed and prepared. As always, my karma powers were very much in my favor, and I have managed to wrangle an extra day out of my vacation, and at that, have someone get me a free night's lodging and meals in Amsterdam. The return flight home from Teesside to Amsterdam was canceled due to mechanical failure, so they bused me to Newcastle (a much prettier airport, note for future reference, and with jet flights) and flew me to Amsterdam from there. We stayed at the Dorint Hotel. We didn't get to experience Amsterdam proper, which will no doubt be a trip in the future because we had such a good tiny taste.

This morning, a rush to the airport to catch out 10:15 to JFK, and by coincidence, was seated next to and surrounded by the Iraqi delegation to the UN, of all things. This was an experience that was strange, to say the least. There were some Hasidic Jews on board, and every time they walked past, the group visibly and obviously bent away from the aisle. No one *knew* who they were, probably, except for me, because the guy next to me pulled out a list of resolution items, an Iraqi passport when filling out his boarding card with his visiting address being the Iraqi consulate. Also strange- we were not allowed to disembark from the plane without showing our passport, and they were stopped and lined up on the boarding ramp. Hee- I fell asleep on an Iraqi Ambassador! I feel strange- I wanted to say something like thanks, or good luck, or something to let them know that some nameless faceless American person wanted them to know that some of us really want peace.

Off to work on my photo memories. Be seeing you!

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