matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

pared down my interests, too

I boosted up my interests in a mad dash to see what other compatibilities I could create, but I'm paring them down now. Simplify, simplify- plus I needed to feel comfortable with some core list- such that it conveys not that I like anything, which is mostly true, but that I have a point that I'm coming from. I think the new core set might put me indexed where I'd feel comfortable.

I'm keeping the list of originals here.
Interests:absinthe, androgyny, anime, atheism, beer, bi, bisexuality, bisexuals, black, body art, bodyart, burroughs, clubbing, contempt, conversation, corsetry, corsets, creativity, cronenberg, cybergoths, cyberpunk, dancing, de sade, debauchery, dominance, ebm, electronica, erotica, exhibition, experimentation, fetish, fishnets, genderfuck, goths, html, industrial, industrial music, kissing, latex, leather, literature, london, manipulation, mathematics, misanthropy, nipples, non-monogamy, nonmonogamy, nyc, old speckled hen, open relationships, people-watching, perversion, perving, php, pl/sql, play, pointy boots, polyamory, polyamoury, porn, pornography, promiscuity, purple, pvc, redheads, science, sex, sexplay, slimelight, smart people, sql, sushi, velvet, vinyl, vnv nation, writing, zenwarp

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