matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

good news

I've just been "removed for incompetence" from the Michigan project. I'm personally vey proud of this, and although that sounds like a bad thing (i'd take anyone to task for being proud to be fired) I've not been removed from the project, but have been removed from being the voice and responsible one on the project. Which means I can now treat the project how I've always wanted, do whatever someone asks me to do, and not have to be responsible for managing the expectation on the project. It also frees me up to do work that I had no time to do because I'm trying to find the one or two things the person doesn't like about my writing, based only upon my knowledge that there is something bothering them, not what they like or don't like. They will be more likely to tell a new person what it is that they don't like for expedience, rather than concede to me because that would be too much like conceding to my reasonable suggestions and not much like getting only whatever they demand. I also do a far better job of controlling and managing when I'm the chess player rather than the black king, and sparing me the bad analogy, I've been transformed by this firing from the black king intro the chess player, rather than something much more unsavory.

There's a difference between being a dominant, and being a dumbass with power. I walked that line very carefully and concede there may have been times that I slipped. If there's one thing a submissive needs to know, it's that no matter how much you worship a dominant, they're not "gods"- people are human and make human mistakes. How you recover from mistakes really judges you as a person. I'm learning to improve how I recover from mistakes- I think it's something that if I could take one of those "professional management training" courses on the subject, I'd go.

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