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SpamTown USA

Just back from SpamTown USA. I'm feeling really good- I've kicked major ass on this project and have an extremely satisfied customer who wants to follow up their project with another huge contract. I started this job February 2000, and estimated that it would take four to six people full time a total of two years. They assigned three part-time people, and it took three years, one month. It was a major infrastructure change, replacing a 20 year old COBOL-based in-house database with our ORACLE-based client-server and web products, along with a serious deployment of Crystal Reports. They were seriously impressed with my breadth of knowledge, including interfaces to ORACLE Financials, X-Spec, their legacy mainframe, Lotus Notes, MiniTab, and Right Fax, as well as bringing my skills in web design, PL/SQL, ORACLE, CITRIX, chemical analysis and the management of large databases and information. Their system, designed entirely by me, logs samples from across the country to be tested at four centralized testing labs, tracks receipt, manages worklist flow and produces paper worksheets, determines testing schedules based upon packaged materials and the components packaged, determines chargebacks to each of their product lines for testing, and automatically generates certificates of analysis upon completion and emails the URL path to the COA to all parties listed on the CC: distribution. It also manages timecard tracking of R&D projects and permits trending and data analysis in real time of any product so they can instantly tell whether the fat content of a can of spam has changed over time, or any other analytical quantity measured, nearly instantaneouly. It also monitors cleanliness with a barcoded swabbing routine to track and monitor microbiological sanitation testing scheme. I rock!

This was a tough week, and the contract is finally accepted and closed. We migrated to Windows 2000 and ORACLE 8i as a closing effort this week. I leave you with these images I've captured this week in Austin, Minnesota.

SPAM Can with Concrete Pig Sunny Day at the SPAM Factory SPAM Boulevard The SPAM Museum

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