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on fatigue

I seriously need to get back in shape. I walked a distance no greater when I used to walk back and forth beween North and South Hill in Ithaca, nearly as much vertically, but I'm pretty wiped out.

Took BART to Powell, and then ascended into Nob Hill and checked out the most excellent views and pretty houses. When all of the for sale signs have as the website and are listed with Sotheby's, you probably can't afford them.

Descending some combination of Levenworth and Hyde, I was able to catch a good portion of the Red Bull air race acrobatics and some of the fighter plane stuff from Fleet Week with some of the best views one can get of it, which was pretty cool. I wandered around a bit at Fisherman's Wharf, and then seeing the line for the trolley back I decided to walk back around Embarcadero.

I wound up having an early linner-type meal at Aloha Barbecue, which is my latest food crave. I'll probably gain a thousand pounds but it will be so worth it.

Now- the falling over.

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