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a short visit, plus a request.

I wanted to do a brief summary of lapis_lazuli's visit, even though the visit it was probably far too short for both of us. She's already back in NJ, and although I've got the kittens now and the place is a little more like home, I miss my woo a lot.

The kittens arrived safely and have been accustoming themselves pretty well. I rented a car, picked them all up from the airport, and we got them into the apartment and they went to the box immediately- they must have been crossing their little kittylegs.

We had lunch at Coconut Bay in Burlingame, and then did some shopping at the shopping plazas I know in of all places Newark/Fremont. Bed Bath and Beyond had the best deal on bar stools for the breakfast counter, and so now we have all the fixins for a little place to eat in the apartment. By dinner, we were both pretty tired and not too hungry so we had salads at Fresh Choice across the street.

Sunday, we went food shopping mostly- and drove around some more as well. I haven't driven in about 3 weeks so it was kind of nice to just be mobile and stuff again. We had breakfast at Cafe Grillades in San Bruno, which is becoming a breakfast staple. Then we did minor shopping at 99 Ranch in Daly City, followed by a good long wander until we backtracked to have lunch at Red Robin across the street (ironically) followed by a bit more food shopping comparing the Safeway with the Albertson's here in San Bruno. The Albertson's wins, apparently- the safeway was very below par. I'll probably stick to the Mollie Stone's for day to day stuff but for bulky items the Albertson's is good. For dinner, we went to Nimo in San Mateo, which was quite good and very reasonable. I don't think she quite believes me yet that you can't get a California roll here in CA: they make more of a crab salad than using a crab stick in the roll at every place I've been.

And, this morning she was back off to home. I'm hoping to fly back to help with house details the long weekends and week of October 7th to the 15th, so if anyone is or knows someone they trust a lot to stop in every other day and give the cats water, food, and crunchies while I'm gone, please let me know.

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