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on figuring it out

Well, I'm about three days in, and it's taken me a little bit to figure it all out. Not the job- that's simple enough. No, it's the getting there and back that's been the challenge.

I'd like to think of myself as fairly adept at getting from point a to point b, but I've never really had to do it using just public transport before. Four miles. I could probably drive it in 10 minutes or less. As such, I walk to BART (12 min), go one stop to SSF (3 min, and no matter how many times I ride it it always seems like forever and a huge distance), and ride a shuttle two stops to Bldg 83 (15 min): grand total of which I have found can be done in about 45 minutes minimum considering wait times. The 7:26 train is better than the 7:56 train, and the 7:41 train is right out, because the high school across the street starts classes around 8:10 or so and the sk8er kids are using the shuttle stop as a launchpad until then. In reverse, if I leave at 4:45 or so I can be home by 5:30 or so. I haven't tried the 390, either, which probably wouldn't save me any time but which would be vastly cheaper at 1.50 each way. Perhaps I'll try that on the way home tomorrow. Note to self- bay 5.

There's about a dozen different schedules online for BART shuttles and finding the right one that has the actual times was most of the challenge. Even some of the intranet pages were wrong. So, in three days I've figured out (with basically no help) where to wait, what bus is the right one, and what times are best, so I think I've done okay despite the hiccups (the winding up at glen park and the going out the wrong side of the exit and the waiting in the wrong place). Full fare is 2.45 each way, too, so I'm not saving time, money (or the environment, I think) this way. Briskly walked, I might even be able to walk it in the same time, but there is no way that could be safely walked or biked except as a last resort.

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