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I probably have more important musings [Feb. 5th, 2002|10:42 am]
but since I'm not really in the mood to post substance, I leave you with the following observations.

1. what would body-modification be like if we could regrow limbs? I've been thinking about this a lot, probably in response to thinking about body-modification in general, but I can just see that cutting off one's fingers would be a likely fad. I mean, knowing that they would regrow, wouldn't that be a temptation to most of the people I know? and what does that really say about the friends I keep?

2. If WW2 had gone the other way, would the Allies really be known as that? would the Axis have called themselves the "allies" against a tide of "immoral capitalists, socialists, and Jews?" It seems somewhat banal, a question, a thought, but I suppose it has been on my mind a lot. The whole return to deficit spending and hawkishness really seems like such a sacrifice of the future, *my* future, for near-term politics and patriotism. At what point should someone like myself really just say "fuck it" and scrap all semblance of long therm planning and just drink oneself into oblivion? When is that an appropriate method of dealing with life?

That is all. Be seeing you!

[User Picture]From: sagima
2002-02-08 08:11 am (UTC)
If i knew it was going to grow back i may be tempted to cut of fingers and things if they got infected so i wouldn't have to endure the pain - or chop off a toe when i had an ingrowing toenail
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