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A productive weekend for gardening- I managed to get the grass cut and have done some cleanup and planting as more and more of my garden converts to perennials. This means most the garden "comes back" which means that I can add more detail but I'm spending a lot less time on maintenance. I've taken quite a few other pictures but I'm rushed on the way out the door (and at the terminal of the airport!). I take a lot of pride in what I've accomplished, not the least reason being that I do it all on my own, compared to most of my neighbor's professionally maintained lawns.

I've also planted three tomato plants and a good crop of basil- as always, the garden center doesn't seem to be carrying the mozzarella plants. I've had two waves of tulips, one in the vegetable garden and perennial garden, and now a second wave in the front garden. Most of the daffodils from last year returned- I will need to plant some more this fall for a bigger impact. The allium are just coming out and within the next week or two I expect a huge transformation as these begin to show off.

More to follow, once I've had time to sort and share. 

Backyard (compare August 2004
front garden, 04/15
front garden, 4/14
front garden, 05/01
front garden, 5/1
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