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updated summary style!

I have completely rewritten the summary style that lapis_lazuli and also maybe zoo_music_girl are using. The new style is called "cleanly summarized" and I am trying to load it with some additional features which will be able to be set via simple parameters. In order to use it, though, you have to create your own S2 style- and with the help of lapis_lazuli, here are updated directions.

go to advanced customization

enter a name (e.g. "Cleanly_Summarized") in the 'create a style' box and press enter.

select the following options:
language: english
layout: other
layerid: 5984447 (select change) (select save changes)

You will now have a list of styles including "Cleanly_Summarized". You can click on the link next to the name, and see a preview of this style. Since the last time I showed this style, I have added features to display a login link if you are not logged in, and a update link.

There are additional features if you add a user layer to the style. I have created a user style which shows off these features. In order to add this layer, go back to editing your style (here), click 'edit' on your custom style, then select the following additional options on the style

user: other
layerid: 6008080 (select save changes)

You should also be able to see the summary rows alternating color when you select the preview of the style, set by bgcolor_1 and bgcolor_2. If you use the style as your default, you should be able to set these settings on the gui editor for the style.

I will be enhancing this style with more features (and more colorful display options) in the future, but this is a beginning and I thought this might be of general interest to the people on my freinds-list. If you use the style as your default, the second part can be done entirely from a gui-settings page rather than hand-creating the layer at the customize page, and then selecting "Customize" or "Edit Customizations" at the bottom.

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