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There's probably a whole string of movies that most people don't like, the critics pan, and of whom I'm a huge fan. Clearly, this is going in that group.

This is a five-star production in my mind. Very sexy and smart. It's not a mystery: it's an action flick which flows the way life flows. A lot of the ethical and philosophical choices that people make cannot be contemplated out of time, they have to be made sometimes in a split second. In films like the "Matrix", there's a lot of time to sit around and talk and debate each decision. In this movie, all decision are made as the happen in real life- as the action is proceeding without you. There's no countdown or deadline, no ticking time-bomb. There's also no problem to solve, other than the problem of staying alive and dealing with the consequence of our choices.

Many of the effects of the original animated series are kept, but used usefully- there's very little genuine eye candy barring the expected opening scene. (apologies for the pun.) It also treats (and thankfully leaves a bit unanswered) a philosophical question near and dear to my recent thinking, that being, "is there a purpose to death?" I don't think this movie suffers many of the disjointedness problems of the animated series, and I'm very impressed that someone was able to pull a coherent (while still challenging) plot from the threads of the original story. It also does something which makes me tend to respect a movie more: the good guys and the bad guys are not distinct tropes. One review I read said that you needed to know the series to understand the characters, and having seen the original series, I can't honestly say whether or not this is the case. However, this is not a continuation or a fillin of existing material. I feel the movie stands very well on it's own, and is well worth seeing.

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