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on the weekend

Not a terribly productive weekend, but, did some food shopping at the korean grocer and picked up a few bulk goods at Costco. Also went to Home Despot and picked up the multi tool pack for the planned renovation next weekend- I needed a reciprocating saw and a circular saw to remove and replace the back door. I was planning to do that friday and saturday, but it looks like it's going to rain both days, so this may need to be put off for another time. I feel slightly foolish for having purchased the drill separately about a year ago, and now have two 18v Ryobi drills, so if someone is looking for a nice variable speed 1/2" keyless chuck drill, let me know and we can negotiate a price (I bought it for something like $60 and can count the number of times I've used it on one hand).

Dinner last night was Bi Bim Bap, which I think was the first time I made a decent approximation of the dish. Saturday was fish cake and baby bok choy in miso broth. So, all in all, the food was good.

This sunday was probably the last time I'll be volunteering at B-Ray. The new management team that's forming, which I've discussed my problems with in the past, has pissed off many of the Ethical Culture people who founded the group, and EC is now looking to close down its involvement with the group. I missed the monthly meeting, and apparently the new "president" was quite derogatory toward many of the people, including me in absentia, all the while talking about a "culture of compassion", which upset Linda, who is the wife of the Leader here at EC. She was also deeply disturbed that the new "president" is an advertising exec in real life and spent the whole meeting talking about our branding identity and getting or message out through the media. I'm more concerned that our new "president" has brought in a large group of new volunteers who are obviously biphobic and have some serious maturity issues and there is a huge "in crowd" snobbery amongst them, mostly because they are all part of an interdependent social network which seems to revolve around him. He's an alumnus of the program, so the point I made was, is this is the kind of adults our program is helping to create, what are we doing here? Is his values system at all aligned with the vision of EC?

The platform on sunday really wasn't very inspiring- it was a mostly rambling talk on "three types of spirituality", the people who believe in real spirits, like ghosts and angels, the people who believe in intangible spirits, like Christians and Jews, and people who believe in spirit as metaphor, like reconstructionist Jews, Ethical Culture, and the like. The whole progeny of Plato is really getting on my nerves of late, deist, theist, and athiest alike. I think it's time that I sit down and try to read Plato's Parmenides, and see if I can't dig up some more on the intellectual heritage between Plato and its descent e.g. Maimonides. Particularly in light of Deut 6:4-9.

In a few hours, it's New Years, and for something like the third or fourth year in a row I'm feeling like I'm glad I'm putting this year behind me, rather than feeling like I've made the best out of the year. I need to stop doing that.

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