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autumn garden maintenance

Spent a good portion of the weekend prepping the garden for the winter. Planted pansies and numerous bulbs. I also divided the hostas and replanted, which turned five overgrown plants into over twenty right-sized plants, six of which I gave to the neighbor across the street. I have delineated one new bed lined with hostas, and was able to plant some around the weeping cherry and in the back by the gazebo. I also planted brilliant purple asters in the backyard, and "lime rickey" and "obsidian" heuchera, and cyclamen, in the front. The front garden was still quite vibrant, although the salvia has thinned considerably, so I ripped it out along with the coleus in front, and pulled alternating strips of the dusty miller and the blue miniature asters to plant bulbs and "icicle" pansies in between. The chili peppers which I planted last year had been allowed to go to seed, and are now popping up randomly and are clearly visible after the trimming. The bees are quite happy, as I have let the remaining coleus and basil go to flower, and they were buzzing around in abundance. The basil, mint, and curry plants are fabulously fragrant- the smell of the curry plant has been greeting me all summer. I was able to catch a picture of a bee loaded with pollen from the hibiscus that borders my neighbor's property. This summer has been harsh to lots of plants- the evergreen lining the driveway died, along with the pieris and much of the azalea. I transplanted one of the evergreens from the backyard to the front and hopefully the overwintered transplant will do better than the three I moved this april from the pond. I have also had to replace large swathes of grass in the back- this has come up from seed nicely over the last two weeks. All in all, the last three weekends have been quite a gardening extravaganza. (compare 2005 to 2004)


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