June 10th, 2009

happytoast power lines

very busy people

we´ll end up numb from playing video games and we´ll get sick of having sex
and we´ll get fat from eating candy as we drink ourselves to death

we´ll stay up late making mix tapes, photoshopping pictures of ourselves
while we masturbate to these pixelated videos of strangers fucking themselves

we are very busy people- we are very busy people

there´s crusty socks and stacks of pizza boxes making trails straight to the bed
and when we´re done sleeping we´ll stay busy dreaming of the things we don´t have yet

well there´s a long long list of chores and shit to do before we play oh let´s just piss away the day
crank call the cops down at the station just for friendly conversation requesting songs they never play

let´s hear the one that goes like
we are very busy people - we are very busy people -
...but we´ve always got time for new friends

so come on over and knock on our door, it´s open what´s ya waiting for
we might be sprawled out on the floor but we still make lovely company

pull up a chair i´ll pour some tea, we´ll shoot the shit ´bout everything
til you get sick of politics and flip on the tv screen
we stare at the tv screen...

that donnie darko DVD has been repeating for a week and we know every single word
i´ve got an ipod like a pirate ship i´ll sail the seas with fifty thousand songs i´ve never heard

all the best of them
go fa la la la la la la la...

-- Limousines, "Very Busy People"