September 20th, 2008

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the omnivore's one hundred


I'm somewhat pleased I'm only missing about fifteen- that I've never had oxtail or snake is certainly a suprise to me, and perhaps something to consider for the near future. There are others on the list that I could easily substitute with less challenging but equally worth of the list, and I think the omission of MaPo Tofu or Soon Dubu is notable as well. Some things, like Currywurst, are harder to obtain and might require more extensive travel. (Does it count toward food miles if you fly to get it, rather than flying it to you?). Also, the choice of kaolin is curious- and I'd swap it out for semen, or urine, personally, among things that I would say are worth saying that you've eaten. Carob chips, as well: WTF? Why not shiso?

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