November 21st, 2007

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on feeding the bears

There's a certain greedy notion that drives people to hoard latinum as a physical preserve of wealth, particularly as more sensible people see the storm coming. It's emotionally hard to "have it" and "lose it". I think one of the most interesting things about the next couple of years promises to be watching the various ways people will go about the hoarding.

This is not a jeremiad, mind you. I don't lament the morals of the time. I don't believe in just judgement.

It's eminently sensible at all times to be a little defensive. We're drilled, I think, not to become the Aesopian Grasshopper. However, I think the tendency to put faith in gold, or guns, to defend what is "yours", is to take away the wrong lesson.

Winter's coming. Hopefully, that damn grasshopper will stop the awful racket now.