May 22nd, 2007

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on lacing style

Poll #989507 lacing shoes?

how do you lace your shoes?

straight across, as pictured
criss-cross style
loafers/ without laces

PIX14.jpgEver since about 6th grade or so, I've laced my laces in this style, after I was taught that the lacing style reduces pressure on the top of the foot.

I recently bought these new sneakers, which are my new "work" shoes. They came prelaced in a criss-cross style. I wore them that way for about a week, but every day my feet seemed to be bothering me.

I've now relaced them, and they feel much better. (I also think the straight laces look cooler). It's topologically interesting, too, because they use less lace material this way. Do you know how to lace them this way?