April 13th, 2007


on hypocrisy

I saw the announcement that NJ gov Corzine was seriously injured in a car accident last night and felt kind-of bad, but not for long. Turns out he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and was in the front passenger seat.

Ordinarily, I'm against legislation that mandates things that you have personal choice about, and are only damaging your own health. Unfortunately, when we all pay into a common system of medical and insurance care, and even more particularly in this case when we pay taxes to support elected officials, life and health is not a matter of personal choice.

I feel bad that he was injured, but I also feel bad that tax and insurance dollars are going to be spent on repairing this loser. I think at minimum he should be ticketed. And, I think that any elected official caught breaking any law, particularly as dumb a move as this one that he has violated, should be immediately removed from office.

And, I hope he'll reflect on his time in recovery, and work to become a spokesperson for better use of safety belts. It's insane that about half the country believes they're so unnecessary that they don't take the time to click it. It tells me a lot about the hypocrisy of people who get involved in all sorts of nanny-state decisions, and don't spend the 10 seconds to do something that can save their life.