February 26th, 2007


on tussination and server-fu

First day back at work after almost a week and a half. Went home early around lunchtime Wednesday because my neck glands hardened up like rocks, which I figured to be a bout of cold. Fully expected to be back in action by tuesday morning, but by early Monday, after having done little but sleep and much von-chicken-soup, I knew I wasn't getting better soon.

I've still got a persistent cough. I'm a little concerned- if I had to guess based upon how it has progressed, it's probably a mild case of pertussis. It's highly likely that my vaccine to it has long worn off, and having moved out here recently I'm probably being exposed to a slighly different variant than the one I usually see and have natural immunity for. I don't have a fever but the dripping sensation in the back of my neck as my body fights this is highly unpleasnat. If I figured this all out two weeks ago, it might have warranted getting tested and trying to get antibiotics, but at this point, there's no point. My supervisor has had a similar persistent cough, too, so I suspect I know where I might have caught it. Practice safe keyboard, folks.

I was feeling somewhat better and very stir-crazy by Friday, so we made a retail therapy jaunt down to the outlets at Gilroy.

On Saturday, I picked up all the pieces for a new server box at Fry's. I've built a fairly beefy single AM2 X64 box with W2003std x64. I'm going to slice that up into virtual 32 bit boxes, and play around with SPS2007. I'm also going to take a slice and install Linux (probably SUSE, all things considered, though I considered Gentoo but VS2005 doesn't "support" it) to consolidate and get rid of some of the Pair accounts I've got dangling about. I'm impressed with myself that I was able in the course of an evening to take a whole pile of bits and pieces and assemble it into a fairly kick-ass box.

In news from the future, I'm on my own starting Wednesday through the following Thursday, so I have to remember not to just hole up and play with myself.