December 20th, 2006

samson and delilah

on egotism

An egotism, like an eggshell, is a thing from which to escape; the art of life is that escape. The fundamental art of life is to recover the sense of that great self-forgetful continuous life from which we have individually budded off. Many people have done this through religion, which begins with a tremendous clamour to some saviour god or other to recognise us and ends in our recognition of him; or through science, when your egotist begins with: 'Behold me! I, I your humble servant, am a scientific man, devoted to the clear statement of truth,' and ends with so passionate a statement of truth that self is forgotten altogether.

-- H.G. Wells, from the introduction to The Journal of a Disappointed Man, by B.F. Cummings (1919)
happytoast power lines

random silliness

If the letter "Z" is pronounced Zed,
how is it that the letter "V" is not pronounced Ved?

(thoughts on musing over how the conference room 1V is very confusing in sans-serif.)