February 26th, 2005

origin of sinful devotion

on free will and the cylons

What we know:

1. Cylons are monotheistic, human refugees are marginally polytheistic or agnostic, if not atheistic.
2. Cylons and human refugees are apparently capable of interbreeding.
3. Cylons have a transferrable soul entity.
4. Cylons believe that god has taken the right to rule over creation away from humanity.
5. Cylons recognise they were originally created by humanity.

BSG is providing a compelling philosophical undercurrent, much more interesting than B5, for instance.

I am sucked into this show. I am very glad to hear it will make it to a second season. I am seeing the philosophical undercurrent of the show to be one of free will versus what I want to call "destinationism": the belief that one is compelled to believe and follow one's assigned path. Cylonism seems to be telling the story of a deity entity who has believed that the fundamental flaw of human existence is that of free will.

It is an interesting philosophical argument, because it overlaps nicely with my own personal study of the ethical elements of fascism.
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