December 19th, 2004

desperately looking

a shopping spree

Bit of a spending bender this month has been.

Today I went to the Meadowlands Computer sale to pick up either a buildable system or one prebuilt. Made it out with a brand new server pc. This will be the application server for the development I'm doing. I've jammed my database server full already so three-tier is the way it's going to go. Next, to assemble some Debian CD's. Once the middleware piece is done I'll probably need another one for the app tier and for Windows, but that's probably a year away. Either that, or I'll get some hard drives and just swap.

Did some porn shopping at Romantic Video, then to Mo Pho for lunch. After lunch, we went to Petco and picked up some cool transparent catfish that lapis_lazuli had been eyeing.

Brought everything home, and we were still in the mood to do a little more shopping, so we went to Pleasure Plus. p.s. if you can't see that post, and want to, let me know, and vice versa.

Then, back to Petco because one of the fish didn't make it home.

and now, off to bed soon. cowboy_r arrives tomorrow.
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