October 24th, 2004


on weird reuse of reality in dream sequences

I had a weird dream last night, but I'm not about to go and document it. I have weird dreams all the time.

However, there was a strange intrusion-reinterpretation of something I observed yesterday. Near sunset, the cloud cover was punctuated by a front moving through, and as the sun set, it appeared from behind the clouds, which formed a well-defined line above the horizon.

In my dream, i was walking along the rim of a mountain with a large group of people, and it was a cloudy night. Suddently, from behind the mountain, the clouds began to clear as a front moved through, and there was a well-delineated line between where the clouds obscured the stars, and where an abundance of stars were visible. One person yelled out- and we all watched as the sky opened up, like a camera wipe, to show a clear, starry night.