October 13th, 2004

origin of sinful devotion

on programming

What is the nature of programming?Collapse )personal notes: I would think that this topic, well researched and backed up by footnotes, would make an excellent basis for a PhD thesis. It's times like this that I regret no having attained a PhD: though in truth, I'm not really sure what my barriers are, other than slavery to a mortgage and a desire to no be poor for the next umpteen years whil I (re)establish a name for myself. There are times when I want to AP-exam out of the whole treadmill of an education, but I remember the tremendous cost I had to pay last time I took that route. I managed to AP out of undergraduate biochem prerequisites and wound up lost in graduate level biochem coursework. That's probably one of the root causes of my dropping my PhD, along with just general immaturity.

I feel, sometimes, that I'm no dummy, nor a bullshit artist. But, I don't have any tangible way, nor any adequate mentoring, on how to properly make distinct my talents from such a perception.