December 27th, 2003


on food and warfare

Two very successful food experiments this week using frozen ingredients from Trader Joe's. I cooked a Seafood Fra Diavolo using frozen bay scallops, shrimp, and calimari mixture paired with a slightly spicy eggplant and tomato sauce over rice pasta. I also made a Szechuan Pepper Crust filet of Australian Beef, using their frozen beef fillets and the McCormick Szechuan Pepper mix. For LL, I served this with stir fried "Harvest Hodgepodge" mixed vegetables (since she likes the baby corn) and for me I made two cups of Bami Goreng frozen mix (she's avoiding the wheat noodles).

We picked up the combined Carcassone set, and a copy of Risk 2210, for boredgame goodness yesterday. Having already obtained and played Carcassone Hunters and Gatherers with LL, the original Carcassone set was quite a switch and was quite fun. Risk 2210 is a big update of the original Risk, making it more in setup and gameplay like Axis and Allies but retaining a little more of the ease of Risk and less "we must be authentic" nonsense of the A&A game.

As tradition dictates, Christmas day was spent watching a movie, which became the most-of-the-day LotR RotK jaunt. It was a good movie- not so compelling a watch for me as for some, who have described it as "the best movie they ever saw", but a good way to spend almost five or six hours, factoring in all the commute, snackery, and post movie chatter.

Jp will be here in a few days, to which I'm looking forward, but LL will be away visiting cR the weekend/week after. We'll all be meeting up with my brother on NYD, which should prove interesting.

I've been critically reviewing the work done on the Law of Gravity over the past few weeks, probably spurred on by the bad taste left by the string theory special. Work is slow going. As best I can tell, Newton derived gravity from the belief that if inertia dictates that the moon should travel in a straight line, but it appears to curve toward the earth, there must be a centripetal force counteracting and exactly counterbalancing inertia. Gamow's short treatise on Gravity reexplains this well, but doesn't give any special insight on the impact of Relativity. The Principia is rather unreadable, and i'll chew on Einstein in a bit. More to follow, I'm sure.

I've also digested the better part of Bertrand Russell's "Why I am not a Christian", and have been chewing down Smith's "Athiesm". cR is fond of calling the History Channel the "Hitler Channel" because of the propensity to air a WW2 documentary at any time of day, but lately it has been the "Heresy Channel"- many interesting little tidbits about various heresies and apocrypha. And, on Showtime, Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" was great fun, if not suffering a bit from the level of dialectic with which they would hang their targets.

All the news for now, I guess.
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