November 8th, 2003


reinterpretation and surrealism

I took the opportunity this week to purchase tickets to see the New York City Opera's performance of The Mikado. Had a wonderful time this afternoon at the performance, even though they decided the opera should be done in faux Marx-Brothersish style English dress rather than in the faux Japanese style of the original Gilbert and Sullivan production.

And, in the process I discovered a new interest: the paintings of surrealist Rafal Olbinski.
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oh, and there's an eclipse out there,

so don't rely on the fact that I have any sort of ability to get a good photo of this. I don't have a nice enough camera nor a telescope, but this is something that is well worth seeing with your own eyes.

It's really quite a beautiful eclipse.

image of lunar eclipse taken through the rafters of my condo, Nov 08, 2003, 8:15pm EST
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