May 17th, 2003


NIR photography tests at Van Saun Park

A set of sixteen test photos at Van Saun Park, testing the color IR technique and the NIEL (near infrared enhanced luminance) technique. All shots using Olympus C-4000 and Hoya R72 NIR filter. Collapse )

The first set are of the "End DUI Memorial Tree Grove". Each of the trees has a plaque dedicated to someone who died due to a DUI.

The second set is of Walden Pond

The third set are of the azaleas in Washington Spring.

The last four images are normal photos taken at Washington Spring in Van Saun Park.

There is a sign there, dated 1780, stating "The Continental Army is reported to have utilized the old spring at the base of these slopes during the September engagement west of the Hackensack river. Reports indicate that George Washington visited here and drank water from the spring. --Bergen County Parks Commission". The macro shots came out well but the overview shots are too scattered. In these last four images, I have enhanced the saturation 30% in Photoshop.

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